World Grand Prix Pool A3 set to open in Aguascalientes


Head coaches Italian Alberto Salamoni (Hungary), Cuban Ricardo Naranjo (Mexico), Shannon Winzer (Australia) and Cuban Francisco Cruz (Trinidad and Tobago)

Aguascalientes, Mexico, July 6,
2017- Hosts Mexico welcome Australia, Hungary and Trinidad and Tobago for
the FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix opening weekend set to kick off this Friday in
Aguascalientes Mexico at the Poliforum Cultural y Deportivo Universitario Morelos.

A press conference was held on
the eve of the competition, with the four Head Coaches in Group 3 Pool A sharing their insights as the first of two preliminary
rounds are set to get underway.

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Shannon Winzer of Australia
indicated that her team has been working hard for the competition: “We held a
training camp back home and played two friendly matches against Mexico as we
arrived in Aguascalientes last Friday, in preparation for the tournament. We
are hosting the Final 4 but we will work hard these two weekends to really earn
our spot.”

Hungary coach Alberto Salamoni said: “For Hungary, this is the
first time we participate in the competition and it is a fantastic opportunity to be playing
on the other side of the world, it is all new. Our preparation was the 2018 World Championship qualification event in Croatia. My players need to adjust to a totally new system. We
hope to make enough ranking points to put us in the final four. This is an
opportunity to win experience and grow as a team.”

Trinidad and Tobago coach Francisco Cruz said: “For us it is a great accomplishment to have
qualified for the World Grand Prix. This has been a ten year process and our
mind is set on our next goal, the FIVB World Championship. The support of our
sport authorities has been crucial in our preparation, the team is in good
physical condition, our training sessions have been consistent and we just
finished the Pan American Cup. We will use our strength to be in Australia.”

Ricardo Naranjo, head
coach of Mexico said: “We are
ready to face the challenge ahead, we know the journey will not be easy and
wish to improve our previous results in the World Grand Prix. Our preparation was the Pan
American Cup and the team comes ready for the competition. Mexico will work hard to give
our best and will hope to take advantage as hosts with support from our fans.”

For Australia, hosts of the Group 3
finals, this will be their second campaign in the competition; in last year’s edition they
finished fourth while also hosting the final four. Mexico are making their
fourth appearance and it is the third time they are hosting a preliminary round; they are eager to
improve their sixth place in the 2016 and 2014 editions.

Newcomers Hungary and Trinidad
and Tobago are thrilled to make their FIVB World Grand Prix debut. Hungary
enter as gold medal winners in the 2016 European League, while for
Trinidad and Tobago this comes on the back of a successful ten-year development plan.

Day one of competition in Pool
A begins this Friday with Hungary facing Trinidad and Tobago, followed by hosts
Mexico against Australia.


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