Colombia's Marin says their inexperience cost them against Czech Republic


Czech Republic beat Colombia in straight-sets

Chiclayo, Peru, July 07, 2017 - Led by Marie Toufarova, Czech Republic beat Colombia 3-0 (25-23, 25-21, 25-20) in the opening match of their FIVB World Grand Prix 2017 Group 2 campaign. 

Zdenek Pommer, Czech Republic coach: "I congratulate the Colombian team, they did a great job and managed to complicate us at times. We made many mistakes in the reception and defence, but we will focus on the strengths shown today for the rest of the competition." 

Karolina Bednárová, Czech Republic captain: "I congratulate the Colombian team because they knew how to pressure us with their serve. We had very difficult moments on the court but we knew how to put the best attitude to take the match forward. We hope to learn from the strengths and weaknesses we demonstrate today to continue growing in the competition."

Antonio Rizola, Colombia coach: "I congratulate the team of Czech Republic, they played very well and with great force. The Colombian team started very well ... but we did not know how to maintain the rhythm of game."

María Alejandra Marín, Colombia captain: "Colombia is a very young team. At times we had the advantage but at the end of the sets we made many mistakes. But we know that we are on the right track, we will continue to grow as a team and we will achieve many things."

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