Head coaches in Korea expect competitive tournament


The head coaches of Kazakhstan, Colombia, Korea and Poland

Suwon, Korea, July 20, 2017 - On July 20, the head coaches of Colombia, Kazakhstan, Poland and Korea gathered at the Novotel Ambassador Hotel in Suwon for a press conference ahead of 2017 FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix Pool H2.

Colombia head coach Antonio Rizola Neto said: "Our team is in a very difficult position because we are composed of young players. Also, our opponents are strong which makes it harder for us. I will think of this as an opportunity for our team to gain more experience in the international league. Our dream is to play in the finals."

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Kazakhstan coach Vyacheslav Shapran said: “We are adapting ourselves to a new style of volleyball because the Asian style of volleyball is quite different from the European one. Asian teams play with great speed and agility, so we will be prepared to play our best and show great results.”

Poland coach Jacek Nawrocki said: “Winning in the Final Week is important. However, I think it is more important to focus on the match at hand. Therefore, we will put our best effort in all of the matches and continue to develop ourselves with each game.”

Korea head coach Sungjin Hong said: “My players are tired from playing matches in Europe, but we will try to maintain our best condition. My strategy is to utilize all 12 players of the team. We need to win two games here in Suwon in order to compete in the final week. Therefore, we will do our best to win as much as we can and achieve our final goal of winning the Grand Prix.

“When I first took the job of head coach, I reminded my players that communication is important. In this way, we have developed great team work. Also, my players are all very passionate and hungry for victory. We hope to carry on with our successes so far until the very end of the World Grand Prix,” added the Korean coach.


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