Koslowski: I’m very happy with the performance of my team today


Germany celebrates their win over Canada on Friday

Richmond, Canada, July 21, 2017 - Germany swept Canada 25-17, 25-18, 25-20 to earn its sixth straight win in the 2017 World Grand Prix on Friday. German coach Felix Koslowski was pleased with the result.

Felix Koslowski, coach of Germany: I’m very happy with the performance of my team today. It was a very important match for us for world qualifications. Playing Canada in Canada is difficult. We know they have great serves and great team spirit so we knew we had to try to keep them down the whole match. Big congratulations to our team tonight.

Louisa Lippmann, opposite of Germany: I thought it was a good game from our side. We made some good separation tonight but it was difficult to block this tempo. They play quite quick, but in the end it was our serving and all our small things that were better. Everything about this facility is so nice, although the fans were not so nice when we were serving, but I like that the fans are cheering on their home team. I'm proud of our team, we can't wait to play tomorrow.

Lucille Charuk, captain of Canada:
 It’s hard to start a match like that and we never really found our rhythm. They used our block a lot to score points high off hands. It was hard for us to get into our blocking defence rhythm and we just couldn’t get it going. It was exciting playing at home, but I think a few of us were a little bit nervous playing in Canada. It’s a new experience, but it’s great to be here and play in front of family and friends.

Marcello Abbondanza, coach of Canada:
 It was a disappointing game for us. Maybe we’re not at the same level as Germany right now and that’s okay, but to play a game with 32 mistakes and without the right spirit and the right focus is disappointing. With that many mistakes, you can’t win in this game against anyone. We probably had some nerves playing at home, but that’s no excuse for a performance like that.


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