Lippmann: We have to stay focused


Almaty, Kazakhstan, July 16, 2017 – Germany secured their fifth win in the FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix Group 2, with a straight-set match (25-16, 25-16, 25-23) against Colombia on Sunday.

Germany coach Felix Koslowski
: “In the middle of the first set, we lost a bit of our attention and we made some unforced errors. The match was always becoming difficult for us because Colombia played good volleyball. They also got the feeling and momentum that they could win a set. But I am very happy that we could turn around the set in the end. We made this block against Colombia’s Segovia, and upon transition, we used it immediately. We just took it strong all the way to the end.”

Germany player Louisa Lippmann
: “We have to remember to be focused and be aggressive. That’s what’s important because we know Colombia fights a lot. They are really strong in attack which is why we always have to stay focused. But we also try to balance it out and stay calm to just try to play the best that you can in the moment.” 

Colombia coach Antonio Rizola Neto: “This team really needs to play more games to learn more. I think it is necessary to just live out the experience of playing at a high level. We cannot experience winning, without playing to begin with. Though we lost today, we want to remain positive about this great experience for the team.”

Colombia captain Maria Alejandra Marin
: “Today, we had a lot of mistakes in reception and in service. I do not know exactly why, but it should be okay. We are in the right direction. We are training hard and we just need to move forward.”

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