Mirtha Uribe: We got the game we wanted


Chiclayo, July 08, 2017. With 24 points scored by Ángela Leyva, Peru secured their second win on Group 2 of the FIVB World Grand Prix by winning in straight sets to their Colombian counterparts (25-15, 25- 21; 26-24) at the Coliseo Cerrado of Chiclayo.

Mirtha Uribe, Peru captain: "I think we got the game we wanted. We played well with the service and it worked, but Colombia has an important force in the attack and today we had problems to control their opposite, Dayana Segovia."

Luizomar De Moura, Peru coach: "I congratulate Colombia because they played a great game. We are two Brazilian coaches who like to work with young athletes and today we knew the difficulty of facing a rival led by a great strategist like Antonio Rizola. It was very important for us to be able to get ahead in such a tight-fought match."

María Alejandra Marín, Colombia captain: "We lack international experience, we are very young players and with few matches as a team. Many of us have individual experience but we need to play more as a group. I congratulate Peru for the great game they played today. " 

Antonio Rizola, Colombia coach: "We knew that it would be difficult to play against a team that is big in attack and with a very good defence. We were 14 players facing a team of 14 athletes plus the support of over 5000 people on each point. This is our tenth match in the year as a group and we do not have great figures like Madelaynne Montaño. Being a young group we lacked concentration to close the set, but I do not worry, because it is something that will eventually resolve."

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