Nawrocki: We got the results we expected


Poland celebrate their perfect weekend in the 2017 FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix

Neuquen, Argentina, July 9, 2017 – Poland coach Jacek Nawrocki was pleased with his team’s performance, as they had an unstoppable winning run in Pool B2 on the first week of the 2017 FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix.

“We ended the weekend with the results we expected. There was a big celebration in Argentina but we played in a great way with a lot of concentration and heart. We’re happy with three match wins. Next week we play in Poland and have new rivals. There will be difficult matches ahead. We have to prepare well for those games, but first we need to recover and rest from this trip.”

Poland player Berenika Tomsia: “I think after this weekend, we can be very happy about our team because we won the three games easily by 3-0. I think from the beginning we played really good volleyball and it makes me happy.

“I felt really comfortable playing here in Argentina. I have relatives in Buenos Aires and I would like to salute them. Fans here are spectacular, the atmosphere at the stadium was perfect. I really enjoyed playing here. Next week we play at home and that will be great as well.”

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Argentina coach Guillermo Orduna: “We couldn’t maintain our level. This group of players are still reconstructing. Maybe if we kept the players from Montreux things would have been different, but we had injuries and some problems that’s why we had to make many changes. We have to learn from this experience. We’re transitioning to a new period when we need to create the team and learn how to play against these teams when so many people are watching us. Anyway, I’m happy with some performances. It is my responsibility to support the team now and keep working, that’s the only way to improve.”

Argentina player Camila Hiruela: “I think that we improved each match even though we did not get the results we expected. We have to learn a lot, lessen our mistakes and be more aggressive. I’m happy because I could play this weekend. The people supported me and my team a lot and that inspires us to keep going.”


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