Rabadzhieva: We needed to prove that we are the better team


Varazdin, Croatia, July 23, 2017 - After two hours of play and five sets, Bulgaria came out victorious in the last match of the 2017 FIVB World Grand Prix in Varazdin.

Ivan Dimitrov, Bulgaria's coach: "This was an important victory for us today as we secured our place in this tournament, but I was not satisfied with how we played in the second set. It was very bad for us and we made a lot of mistakes. You can't play on a world class level if you make so many mistakes."

Dobriana Rabadzhieva, Bulgaria's captain: "Today's victory was a very important victory for us and I hope everyone enjoyed in this match. We were down by one set in the fourth set and we just had to come back and show that we are a better team."

Guillermo Orduna, Argentina's coach: "This was an important tournament for us to improve the Argentinian team. Today we played a good game. We made mistakes in the fourth set but we gained a lot of experience. We both played this match on a high level. We didn't start this tournament well, but by the end of it we improved our game to a high level."

Lucia Fresco, Argentina's player:
"We played really well, but in the end we couldn't find our quality in attack as we did in previous sets and I think that is the reason for our loss. It is normal for both teams to have ups and downs during this match as we are in the final stages of this tournament and we are clearly tired after playing two months non-stop."

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