Sungjin: Spot in Final Round doesn't change our motivation to win this weekend


Suwon, Korea, July 23, 2017 - Korea coach Hong Sungjin admitted that despite having a spot in Final Round, his team did not put any less effort into the match than before.

Korea coach, Hong Sungjin - “I greatly thank the Korean fans for coming all the way to Suwon and cheering for us. I think our team developed greatly in terms of team work. We are developing skills to play successfully in an international match. We already have a spot in the Final Round, but we played with full effort because of the Korean fans who are watching. We hope to show great performance at the Final Round.”

Korea captain, Kim Yeon Koung - “It was a difficult match but our team played our best. Despite today’s result, we already positioned ourselves in the Final Round. However, we played our best because of the Korean fans who filled up the stadium. I think we played better and better until the Third Round. We will play even better in the Final Round, and aim for World Grand Prix victory.”

Poland coach, Jacek Nawrocki - “We played today without service and block, our most strong elements. Congratulations to coach. It was a difficult match for us. We will try to win next time.”

Poland captain, Joanna Wolosz - “Congratulations to Korea team. They did a good job. The game was good. I think we played best in our block and service but our best was not enough. I think we can play against them in the Final Round, and we will play better then.”

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