We did a good job today and deserved to win, says captain Hanke


Ruse, Bulgaria, 8 July, 2017 - Tough and competitive match against Bulgaria tomorrow expect the German players Louisa Lippman and captain Denise Hanke. Today Germany defeat Kazakhstan by 3-0 in Pool A2 in Ruse.

German player Louisa Lippman: We played well today. Our block defense worked really well and we managed to use our chances in attack. Tomorrow will be much harder. I think Bulgaria is the best team here. We watched video of their match against Kazakhstan yesterday and obviously they are really good team with great players like Elitsa Vasileva. But I’m sure that if we play on our high level we will have good chance to win.  

Germany captain Denise Hanke: We are happy. We really want to enjoy the game and to enjoy this tournament. Yesterday we had not the best start. All players in the team were passive. Korea is a super good team and we didn’t show our best level. Today it was a little bit easier, because the Kazakhstan style of play is similar. I think also Kazakhstan had a really good defense but we did a good job today and deserved the win. I think Bulgaria is the strongest team but I have expectations about this match. They are the hosts, they have the home crowd and it will be fun for sure, so we want to enjoy. 

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Kazakhstan captain Radmila Beresneva: We played better than yesterday. We made less mistakes but it was not enough again. We must keep training harder. To practice and to find the right solutions for our problems.  

Kazakhstan player Antonina Rubstova: Germany is a really good team and I want to congratulate them. They played strong today with good tactical plan for the match. We tried to do our best but we had problems at reception. Their serving pushed as on pressure and it was the main reason for their win. We did what we could.


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