Wolosz: Peru surprised us a little


Poland had to fight through dome really tough moments but managed to grab the fourth win in 2017 WGP

Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski, Poland, Jun 14, 2017 – Poland continued their winning streak on home soil with a 3-1 (22-25, 25-17, 27-25, 27-25) victory over Peru. 

Poland Coach Jacek Nawrocki: "We are aware that all the teams in this pool have strong assets to play high-level volleyball. It was a match in which we had a mix of offensive and defensive. After few successful actions of our team, Peruvians defended balls and made counter-attack, so from the very beginning we knew that it would not be an easy match and I am really happy that girls withstood it and won this match."  

Poland Captain Joanna Wolosz
: "A victory in Poland tastes really good. It was a tough game, we had to wrench the win - if a few balls played out the other way the game could have lasted longer. Peru surprised us a bit with their defence and we needed to be patient, but we withstood it. It has been a long week for us and it was visible."

Peru Coach Luizomar de Moura: "It was a good game, we have a young team with young players so tough matches like this one are really helpful for us to grow up as a team."

Peru Captain Mirtha Uribe: "It was an intense match and it could have gone either way. Poland is a tough opponent, but we kept up with their pace most of the time and lost the match in small details."


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