Argentina announce line-up for opening weekend of World Grand Prix


Argentina played a friendly match with Croatia in Neuquen

Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 2, 2017 – Argentina coach Guillermo Orduna announced his line-up for the FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix Group 2, where they will host Canada, Croatia and Poland at Neuquen on the opening weekend.

Orduna declared his 14 players on Saturday, before playing two friendly matches with Croatia. The team will also participate in some activities for the Neuquen Undersecretariat of Youth and Sports.

Argentina will play the opening weekend of the World Grand Prix with Clarisa Sagardia, Helena Vidal, Tanya Acosta, Elina Rodriguez, Sol Piccolo, Antonella Fortuna, Camila Hiruela, Emilce Sosa, Natalia Aispurua, Sofia Bulgarella, Julieta Lazcano, Lucia Fresco, Tatianna Rizzo and Morena Martinez. Priscila Bosio, who will not be part of the team in the first stage, is training and travelling with the team.

Argentina spent some time with some children from various educational centres at Villa Maria Club on Saturday morning, then played their first friendly match with Croatia in front of 3,000 spectators at Ruca Che Stadium.

The Croatians won in four sets in the first outing, which allowed players from both squads to get some playing time on the court. The next friendly match will highlight the 4,000 invited student spectators on Monday.


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