Coach Guimarães happy with Brazil's technical skills vs undefeated Serbia


Brazil coach José Guimarães

Sendai, Japan, July 14, 2017 - Brazil faced a tough challenge in round two of the FIVB World Grand Prix, facing Serbia and their perfect 3-0 record Friday in Sendai. The Brazilians won the match 3-0 (26-24, 25-17, 25-22), but not without difficulties, especially in the opening set where they had to come come back from a deficit.

Brazil captain Natália Pereira: "Compared to last week, I think we prepared very well. I think we defended well in today's match, and we played pretty aggressively."

Brazil coach, José Guimarães: "I'm really satisfied with our match, and with our technique. We had a team meeting and analysed the other team's strengths. And I think we could learn a lot about those teams as well as ourselves."

Serbia captain Milena Rasic:
"Unfortunately we didn't play great volleyball today, we made a lot of unforced mistakes, and I think there is much we can make better. I hope we can improve and make things better in next game."

Serbia coach Zoran Terzic: "Brazil won today, and very easily too, I can say. The most important reason was that they wanted to win much more than my team. Unfortunately, we didn't play so well, and our motivation for this game wasn't on its usual level as it needs to be. Maybe that's because in our last game against Brazil we won 3-0, just last week in Turkey. And maybe because of this some players thought it would be easy today. But with a team like Brazil you just can't play them that way. I really think starting from tomorrow we will play much better. Today the serve was one of the elements we did poorly. And usually our Serbian team serves well. But today it was more than bad, I can't find the words. It was easy for Brazil to organize attacks and score because of this. I'm not sure of the reason, but I can only hope it will be better tomorrow. There is a big difference between Japan and Serbia, their respective styles of volleyball, especially if we speak of attackers, we definitely have stronger attackers because of our height and our blocking. Japan plays better defence and cover, and they never give up. We definitely need to learn from Japan in how they play in those elements."

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