Russians satisfied with win against “one of the strongest teams in the world”


Russia's captain Zaryazhko and her teammates celebrate during the match with China

Hong Kong, July 22, 2017 – The Russian coach and captain expressed their satisfaction with the FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix 2017 victory over the strong team of China.

Konstantin Ushakov, coach of Russia: "We doubled the effort when preparing for today’s match against China. We are happy to take the victory as China are one of the strongest teams in the world."

Irina Zaryazhko, captain of Russia: "We are very satisfied with the result today. It was an interesting game and we stayed organized during the match."

Jiajie An, coach of China: "Today we tried a new set of a starting line-up. I am pleased with their performance as it is normal for them to have errors. It is a good experience for them to adjust their rhythm and improve through competitions. Our blocking did not exert enough pressure on our opponents. I still want to congratulate Russia on the win."

Ting Zhu, captain of China: "We were not very organized today. We failed to keep up with the momentum. My performance was not so stable."


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