Turkey has one of the greatest coaches in the world, says USA coach Karch Kiraly


Turkey's captain Fatma Yildirim remains upbeat despite lost opportunity against the USA.

Macao, China, July 14, 2017 – USA remained undefeated in FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix 2017 with a three sets to one win over Turkey in the first match today in Macao on Friday.

Karch Kiraly, coach of USA: "Turkey is a very well-coached team, they have one of the greatest coaches in the world. They served well throughout the match, we had trouble with our blocking and in the end it took us a long while to figure out. Both teams have had their troubles which was good for two young teams, as we have to work through difficulty and frustration and to use the experience to improve."

Carli Lloyd, captain of USA:
"This has been a frustrating match and it shows how well Turkey prepared for us. Their service game was really tough and their attack and blocking have made it frustrating for us to find solutions. But it was a great opportunity for us to find solutions throughout the match, which we did with our great team effort. We knew it would be a long and exciting match and there were so many opportunities for us to get better."

Giovanni Guidetti, coach of Turkey
: "Congratulations to the United States. They showed why they are such a good team with their consistent play. I was happy with the way we played in the second set as we matched their level of play. However, I was disappointed with the way that our players gave up in the fourth set, and as a young team we did not learn from the mistakes that we keep making.”

Fatma Yildirim, captain of Turkey: "It was a game we wanted to win. We had our chances but we could not take them. We are a young team and we have learnt a lot from this game, and we are looking forward to playing our next game tomorrow.”


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