Zhu Ting did a great job cheering her teammates up – coach Jiajie


Press conference after the match between Russia and hosts China

Kunshan, China, July 8, 2017 – It was a hard and beautiful match, according to the captains and the coaches of China and Russia, who engaged in a five-set thriller on the second day of the FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix in Kunshan.

An Jiajie, coach of China: "This was a hard match. Our new players made some mistakes in the first two sets. I believe in my team members. Zhu Ting did a great job cheering her teammates up. We will make some adjustments and keep learning."

Zhu Ting, captain of China: "In the end we won this game. We had our advantages and we made some mistakes during the match. It is very hard for the young players to face such a difficult situation, but they will learn a lot from this match. It is a real treasure for them."

Vladimir Kuziutkin, coach of Russia: "After the Olympics, every team is trying to find new players. I have plenty of new players on my team. I think they did a great job. It was not enough for us to win the match, but I am quite satisfied with them. Congratulations to China for winning! It was an excellent match and my team was part of it.”

Irina Zaryazhko, captain of Russia: "It was a beautiful, amazing and exciting match. We tried to do things better than yesterday and we did, but we failed to win the game. I am still proud of my teammates.”


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