Tandara impressive in Brazil's 3-0 win over Belgium


Brazil keep their dream of reaching the finals in Nanjing alive

Cuiabá, Brazil, July 20, 2017 – Brazil started the new weekend of the 2017 FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix with a 3-0 (28-26, 25-19, 25-20) win over Belgium on Thursday.

The top scorer of the match was Brazil’s Tandara Caixeta with 17 points which helped the South Americans keep their dream of reaching the finals in Nanjing alive.

The Belgians entered the court with confidence and started the match better than the home team. The Brazilians committed more mistakes in the beginning of the first set, while Belgium had more consistency at the side-out. The Europeans were ahead on the scoreboard at the two technical time-outs 4-8 and 14-16. With a two-women block, the Brazilians tied-up the set (17-17). Ana Carolina’s block put the hosts ahead for the first time (19-18). Two missed attacks in a row from Team Belgium were all the Brazilians needed to be more comfortable in the set (23-21). The Belgians saved two set points and made the set even (24-24). The home team finally finished the set with a spike by Natalia (28-26).

The second set started with an effective service by the Belgians that brought some trouble to the Brazilian reception (2-4). The two teams kept it point by point until the second technical time-out, when the home team improved the block. After a thrilling rally, Adenizia ended it with a block (17-15). The Brazilians got the block timing right and it became the most efficient feature on the South Americans' side, with three blocks in a row (20-17). The two middle blockers of Team Brazil got inspired and, once again, Ana Carolina blocked the Belgian attack (23-18). Tandara killed the last one to put Brazil at two sets ahead (25-19).

Nothing changed from the end of the second set to the beginning of the third as the block continued to be Brazil's most powerful weapon. Adenizia scored twice in a row by blocking the Belgian attack (4-2). The visitors managed to turn the scoreboard right in the technical time-out (7-8), after some indecisions by Brazil’s players. Just when it seemed that the Brazilian lost their confidence, the block showed up again with Ana Carolina (10-9). With a more consistent offensive system, Team Brazil improved their service, and with an ace by Ana Carolina, the Brazilians increased their advantage (17-11). Point after point the home team imposed its game rhythm empowered by the loud fans, and finished the set with a block, their thirteenth in this match. (25-20).


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