USA challenge China in rematch of 2014 World Champs final


Lausanne, Switzerland, July 8, 2017 - USA and China are going to relive days of Milan 2014 and that year's FIVB World Championship final, when the Asia side hosts the Americans in Kunshan Sunday. And USA will be looking at a repeat of the 2014 performance that made them reigning world champions with a 3-1 win. Both China and USA are undefeated after two matches so far in the 2017 FIVB World Grand Prix.

• China won 21 of their previous 36 World Grand Prix matches against United States.
• China have only beaten Japan (23 times) more often in the competition.
• United States' 21 defeats against China are at least seven more than against any other opponent in the competition (Brazil 14).
• Last year, United States won two of their three World Grand Prix meetings with China, 3-0 in the preliminary round and 3-0 in the final round. China won 3-1 in the preliminary round.
• This is a repeat of the 2014 World Championship final. United States won their first world title after beating China 3-1.

• China have won their opening two World Grand Prix matches for the third campaign in a row. In 2015 they won their first nine and last year their first eight.
• Their 3-2 win against Russia was their 30th win in a five setter, the third country to reach this number after United States (39), Russia (38) and Brazil (34).
• Since the start of 2015, China have lost only six World Grand Prix matches, but three of those came against United States.
• China are four wins shy from their 200th in the competition. Only Brazil have reached 200 victories in the World Grand Prix.

United States
• United States have had the same start to their World Grand Prix campaign as they had last year, when they also won their first two matches.
• USA then lost their third match in 2016, 3-1 against China.
• The last time they won their first three was in 2015, when they won their first eight on their way to the trophy. That run was also ended by a defeat against China.
• USA have won 26 and lost three matches since the start of the 2015 World Grand Prix, but two of these defeats came against China.
• Kelly Murphy is USA's top scorer this tournament on 28 points.


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