Radmila Beresneva

Radmila Beresneva

Birth Date
Birth Place
Almaty, Kazakhstan
185 cm
70 kg
Favorite Athlete

Beresneva Radmila was born on 6
of June in 1983 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Radmila Beresneva started to play
volleyball in Almaty. Her first coach was Anatoly Ivanovich Ut’ev (Soviet and
Russian volleyball coach, Honored coach of the Kazakh SSR).

In 2002-2004 Radmila Beresneva played
for “ASTANA” volleyball club. Also played abroad for volleyball clubs:

“KARDOBA” – Spain.

“LEVSKI – SIKONKO” – Bulgaria.

“MINCHANKA” -  Belarus.

In 2004-2005 played beach
volleyball together with Svetlana Savchenko, after what became the champion of

The 2005/06 years’ season, Radmila
Beresneva held in Spain in the club "Cordoba".

In 2006-2008 participated in the
Championship of Azerbaijan’s club "Rabita".

The 2008/09 years’ season Radmila
Beresneva planned play for the Bulgarian "Levski" club, but performed
for the "Minchanki" club, which won the silver medals of the Championship
of Belarus.

In 2009, Radmila Beresneva
returned home, where became the winner of Championship of the country.

 In 2009/10 won the silver medal for the Pavlodar
city’s "Irtysh-Kazchrome" club.

In 2010/11 years a bronze for the
"Karaganda" club, and gold in the season 2011/12 for the Taldykorgan
city’s "Zhetysu".

From 2013 once again played for
"Irtysh-Kazchrome", which became a three-time silver and one time
bronze medals owner.

Since 2011, Radmila Beresneva
plays for the national team of Kazakhstan.

In 2014 participated in World
Championship. Became a bronze medalist of Asian Cup in 2014.

In 2011 and 2014 participated in
World Grand Prix.

In 2011-2012 was a champion and
Cup holder with Taldykorgan city’s “Zhetyssu” club.

 In 2015 was a Kazakhstan Cup Holder with Pavlodar
city’s “Irtysh-Kazchrome” club. As a team member of “Irtysh-Kazchrome” was a
silver medalist in 2013-2015.

In 2016 is bronze medalist with “Irtysh-Kazchrome”


  • Position Wing spiker
  • Selection Olympic (0) - W.C. (0) - Other (1)
  • International Debut Thailand, Bangkok
  • Club Debut Astana-Kanaty
  • Current Club Irtysh-Kazchrome
  • Spike 300
  • Block 295