Neuquen press conference launches World Grand Prix Pool B2


Aksentijevic (Croatia), Jacek (Poland), Sánchez (Sport and Youth Undersecretary of Neuquen), Orduna (Argentina) and Abbonzanza (Canada) with their eyes on the beginning of the World Grand Prix

Neuquen, Argentina, July, 6, 2017 - A press conference was held at the Hotel del Comahue in the centre of Neuquen to launch the FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix 2017 Pool B2 event to be played at the Ruca Che stadium this weekend.

Miroslav Aksentijevic of Croatia, Nawrocki Jacek of Poland, Marcelo 
Abbondanza of Canada and Guillermo Orduna of Argentina shared their expectations with members of the press.

Guillermo Orduna (Argentina coach): "We want to welcome all the teams. Playing in Argentina is very important for my team. Since the beginning of the Olympic process four years ago, the Federation made a very important commitment to bring international teams and events like never before. Our national team started finding results, had an approach and a very important support of the people, so for us is still a challenge and a pride to play in our country. In this new stage, the team, like any group that finished a process, has changed and we are going through that stage. I am satisfied with what was shown by the team in the previous tournaments, the growth of some players and the incorporation of others."

Marcelo Abbonzanza (Canada coach): "We come to look for experience. For us it is an important tournament in several senses: it is a new team, we played the Panamerican Cup in good shape and we hope to grow as a group in this competition. Our rivals are very strong, but we will do the best we can in this tournament."

Miroslav Aksentijevic (Croatia coach): "I would like to thank the Argentine Federation - we spend here one week with very nice people, we played three friendly games and that was a great experience for my team. It was a pleasure for us to play in this atmosphere. The main objective for us is to gain experience; we have a very young team, we're changing a generation of players and we will give our best to perform good volleyball."

Nawrocki Jacek (Poland coach): "We came here to fight for the best results, it will be very difficult because our opponents are very demanding, but we're going to play for us and for our fans. We want to play as good as we can. I remember two years ago when we were in Argentina, everything was very good and I think this year's event will be as successful."


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